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Church Art Online

Beautiful and serene heaven backgrounds help you announce
special celebrations of life to your fellowship

ChurchArt Online offers a wide selection of beautifully created heaven backgrounds and other images that bring both comfort and joy to the recipients of your special announcements.

New images are added weekly so our library is always expanding with professionally-designed images for your flyers.

Jesus Sky

The comforting face of the risen Saviour against soft clouds in the sky is a serene and thoughtful background or cover for many church events.

Rising Sun

The rising sun in the sky, spreading its light across the land below is a wonderful way to remind your church community that each day is a new beginning.


Contemporary and abstract with fresh colors of spring or summer, this background is vibrant without overpowering your special message, flyer or announcement.


The soft colors of water and light enhance this image of holy and joyful baptism. It's wonderful for baptismal events as well as a comforting reminder of life everlasting in faith.

Find the perfect artistic message of joy and comfort from our heaven backgrounds

ChurchArt Online offers such a wide variety of beautifully rendered images that designing your most sensitive and joyous of announcements will be accomplished with ease.

Explore our complete image library for all of your projects!

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