Personalize your church-specific art images and photos with the FREE Online Caption Editor.

This fun, robust, yet intuitive graphic design tool is a snap to use and gives even more flexibility to our already exhaustive church media and church graphics library. You'll find appropriate stock photos, social media images, title graphics, motion graphics, sermon series graphics, worship art, clipart and templates that you can edit with our online graphic design tool to create the EXACT image you need.

Graphic Designing Tool

Edit Font Type

screenshot of the caption editor design tool with a bulletin cover with updated scripture verse

Choose from a variety of font options to create church media for templates, photos, social media posts and more using this graphics design tool. From whimsical script fonts to bold, traditional fonts, you can create the perfect caption for your design or worship service needs. Rotate your font for the perfect fit.

Editing and Updating Your Design

Edit Font Color

Screen capture of the caption editor tool displaying the color palette options

Updating any design element by changing the existing font color is a snap with this image editing tool. Simply highlight the text you wish to change and choose the color you want within the graphics software. Can't find the color you want? Select "More colors" to choose from virtually any color palette.

Editable Caption Graphics

Remove Caption

 Screenshot of the caption editor tool with a captioned image and a no caption image

Do you like a church clipart image or one of our stock photos but prefer to have no caption at all? You can easily remove the caption from any church design with this graphic design tool. Photos and backgrounds for title graphics are automatically provided without captions.

Image Editing

Crop Image

Screenshot of the caption editor tool showing the various canvas options including social media sizes

The online Caption Editor design tool lets you crop an image to any size you wish. This is especially useful for images you use in social media posts. You don't need additional graphic design software to create the visual art you need. You can add more white space to clipart or crop a photo. Simply drag the border to crop. We make simple photo editing of our content easy and fun using this valuable resource.

Save Your Designs

Choose File Format

Screen capture of the caption editor design tool

We provide you with a choice of file formats when downloading a church graphic. Art images are provided in print and web design-ready formats.

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Editing Your Church Art and Images with the Online Caption Editor

With the graphic design tools found in the editor, you can adjust your font size, type and color in a few simple clicks. If you like the original caption we provide, preserve it or add your own caption, too. Download your newly-captioned image in a variety of file types, including PNG! The options are endless in finding church-specific art and media that best fits your needs with this graphic design resource software.

The caption editor tool basic version image displaying various functions
  • Full screen view, which allows for a larger canvas size
  • Multi-Select option to select and move multiple text boxes at one time
  • Ability to have multiple lines of text within one caption/text box
  • The ability to undo or redo an action

The advanced features in the Pro-level design software include the above, PLUS:

The caption editor design tool pro version and its additional editing features.
  • Canvas options to easily crop images into proper sizes for bulletin covers, templates, full-page documents, and social media
  • Multi-Line text option to justify your font to the left, center or right
  • Add a shadow to text
  • Download the document as a PDF for print or online sharing
  • Save caption-edited images for later

We invite you to explore the Caption Editor demo
to learn more about the many features it offers!

Screen capture inviting users to try the demo for themselves

Read what our customers say about the
Online Caption Editor design software tool.

Collage of various church clipart images that can be edited with the caption editor design tool

"I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with our Church Art Pro subscription! The images and versatility (with the edit caption options) is such a HUGE value. THANK YOU for your attention to the needs of the church and the ever-changing media in which we work to stay current in peoples' lives."


"The one thing that I love about ChurchArt is the ability to edit. As a Spanish speaking church this is very helpful.”


"I absolutely love this program!!!! The caption editing is truly amazing.


"Just wanted to thank you. I've subscribed to your site for many years. I was thrilled when you added the "Edit caption" feature. Today, I feel especially thankful for that feature… I deleted all the text and the picture was exactly what I wanted, and I didn't have to mess around with it for hours trying to cover the text so I could use it. That feature saved me so much time today, that I just had to stop and thank you for that wonderful feature."


"WOW!!! I am so excited about the changes you have made regarding the font. It really makes a great difference to be able to change the font size and also to have all those new fonts to choose from. We love it!! Keep up the awesome work!!"

—ChurchArt Basic Subscriber

"Editable captions! What a GREAT idea! You've just eliminated much of the tedium of web maintenance and bulletin preparation."


It's easy to quickly and easily add your own caption to any of our professionally designed church-specific art and images- even photos with the graphic design tool caption editor! Choose from thousands of editable church-related art, clipart, images, templates, and photos. This easy-to-use graphic design software allows you to create custom graphics—to add and save your own caption or save the image without any caption at all, plus change fonts and font colors. You don't need to download any additional design software like Adobe Illustrator. Just use the design software online to update the image, then download your edited illustration or photo directly to your computer. Even if you don't consider yourself a graphic designer, this simple-to-use graphic design tool is a valuable resource to provide the flexibility to create the church media you need. It's fun and you'll look like a professional graphic designer using it!

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