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Baptism Clip-Art with Holy Baptism caption with mosaic background and scallop shell
Baptism Clip-Art of Jesus coming out of the water with a dove above his head and You are my son caption
Baptism Clip-Art of a photo of water with steps with The Waters of Baptism caption

Adding baptism clip-art imagery to your bulletins, newsletters, worship aids or school programs connects the viewer visually to your message and increases the quality of the publication.

At ChurchArt Online, our baptism images and artwork are created by expert designers to give your publications a professional look. New artwork is added weekly, so you never run out. We've selected a few examples of baptism related images below for you to consider.

Bring the meaning and celebration of Baptism to life with beautiful Baptism Clip-Art from ChurchArt Online. We offer hundreds of Baptism images, that include pictures, photos, artwork, and graphics to meet all of your church's communication and publication needs. Our images are designed by professionals to be both beautiful and memorable. They will leave a lasting impression and enhance all your program and worship art with our wide selection of graphics.

Our online church art library offers a vast selection of Christian clip-art and images for Baptism that will cover all of your art needs. No matter what you're working on, our Baptism artwork serves to enhance your presentation and communications, and ChurchArt Online is the place to get the best art and graphics available. Consider using our artwork for bulletins, announcements, dedications, programs, sermon aids, newsletters or even on your church website.

Find a Variety of Baptism Images

At ChurchArt Online, we have hundreds of Baptism clip-art images to meet your needs. Our Baptism graphics and artwork cover variety of styles depending on the type of art you need. Provide special baptism announcements in your worship bulletins to your congregants in a way they cannot help but remember by choosing an art element that reinforces the sacredness of your Baptism ceremonies. ChurchArt Online offers special clip-art, artwork, graphics and images designed solely to enhance your Baptism services.

At ChurchArt Online, we understand how hard you work and we want to make your work a little easier. That's why we offer thousands of fully customizable images for your bulletins, programs and presentations.


Baptism Clip-Art modern art of scallop shell with And Baptism now saves you caption referencing 1 Peter 3:21
Baptism Clip-Art with dove and sun breaking the clouds and This is my Beloved Son with whom I am well pleased caption
Baptism Clip-Art with photo of waterfall with Baptism class caption
Baptism Clip-Art of cross in front of a colorful mosaic and a scallop shell with 3 drops of water
Baptism Clip-Art with drops of water into a pool with Baptized into the faith caption
Baptism Clip-Art with Sacrament of Baptism caption
Baptism Clip-Art with The Water of Life caption and modern art graphic of clergy in baptismal pool
Baptism Clip-Art showing John Baptizing Jesus and including the caption John baptizes jesus

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Baptism Clip-Art Photo of women standing in water's edge with Today's Baptism caption
Baptism Clip-Art photo of water in bowl with washed clean caption and scallop shell in water
Baptism Clip-Art image of clergyperson baptizing a woman
Baptism Clip-Art showing baby in arms and Baptisms to celebrate as caption
Baptism Clip-Art of sunrise over waters with You are My beloved Son caption
Baptism Clip-Art of hand dipping out baptismal waters and caption includes whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst, John 4:14
Baptism Clip-Art referencing Acts 2:41 with person in water with a dove coming down from the sky
Baptism Clip-Art referencing scripture verse Mark 1:9 Jesus came from Nazareth and was baptized by John in the Jordan

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