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Passover clip-art 10 plagues caption over an outline of the land of Egypt
Passover Clip-Art of hands breaking bread with Do This in Remembrance of Me Caption
Passover Clip-Art Image of a Seder Meal on a round plate

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Passover Clip-Art image of a lamb and scripture reference of Exodus 12:5. Your lamb shall be without blemish caption
Passover Clip-Art Referencing Exodus 12 with a doorpost and lentils marked with blood
Passover Clip-Art Image of Cup, grapes and bread with Luke 22:15 scripture reference
Passover Clip-Art of fruit representing the produce of the land was eaten on the day after Passover with Joshua 5:11 scripture reference
Passover Clip-Art Image of Torah scrolls, cup and wheat with Seder Meal caption
Passover Clip-Art Image with Preparing the Exodus caption and an image of a hand painting the doorpost with blood
Passover Clip-Art image of branches painting a swath of blood as over a doorpost
Passover clip-art of black and white caption Behold the Lamb of God

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Passover Clip-Art With Bread background and This Day Shall be For you a memorial day caption
Passover Clip-Art image of a lamb referencing 1 Corinthians 5:7 For Even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us caption
Passover Clip-Art of a door with doorposts and lentils marked with blood
Passover Clip-Art Referencing Exodus 12:13 and an image of the pyramids of Egypt in the background
Passover Clip-Art Image of bread and the cup with Seder Meal caption
Passover Clip-Art image of a seder meal with candles, food, wine and bread and Passover caption
Passover Clip-Art with Exodus 12:14 scripture reference and doorposts with blood that appears as a figure on a cross
Passover Clip-Art referencing John 13:14 caption to Wash one another's feet as the Lord has shown us to do showing water pouring into a basin

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